Friday, July 1, 2011

Moving is a PAIN!

So I've been beyond busy lately. I have had to pack and move the furniture I'm keeping and drive it to my parents house then flew back to Orlando. Made a trip to VA with a car full of my stuff. Then am having to repaint, tile, clean, and pack the rest of my stuff by the 5th. The 6th I work a huge Zumba Convention(13+ hour days!) til the 10th then i am out of Florida for good. This has been a long time coming and I'm very excited, happy, and nervous. The only thing I am dreading is my microscopic closet! I'm serious. I've never had a closet this small in my ENTIRE life. Also it does not have a good closet organizer which I pretty much have always been able to put in since I've always lived somewhere that was owned not rented. I have been looking for solutions and have come up with some that i can't wait to try out. Anyone else been in the same boat? What have you guys done to better organize a TINY closet. I will have a TON of posts coming up in the middle of July (looks like two giveaways if things go as planned) But until then i probably will not be able to post but wanted you guys to know why :) Moving is not my friend!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Premiere Orlando 2011

Sorry I haven't gotten my favorites up. I have been super busy with school, life, and work. I'm working the Premiere Beauty show in Orlando for Giselle Cosmetics. I have worked for them in the past and loved it. They also have another branch called Sun Labs which is a great spray tanning product line (I'm just not that into ANY tanning products and since i am very good with makeup they set me up working at the separate Giselle booth) Premiere is industry only event and you cannot attend unless you work or go to school in the hair/nail/various other beauty industry. I have been fortunate enough to work this events two other years and it is amazing. Great products at AMAZING prices OPI 6 for 26 China Glaze 6 for 18, Redken 2 for 12, you get the picture.

Today was set up and class day for the attendees and orientation day for those working the event. I got a chance to walk around and take a few pictures (cameras not allowed but cell phones will work just fine ;)

I'm super excited to get to shop on my 30 minute lunch break. I'm looking for a brush roll, macadamia oil products, Moroccan oil products, Essie, OPI, China Glaze, NYX, and i'm definitely excited to get feather extensions to use! I will definitely have a haul post up (hopefully Tues after the craziness is over) I will also take as many pictures as i possibly can. Also the company i'm working for might give me some products to give away to you guys as well so here's to hoping they come through and i'll have my first giveaway! Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Shopping Spree and Hello Kitty

Over the weekend i did manage to find some time to do some shopping (well actually severe weather and not wanting to get soaked kept me in a mall to browse.) I'm in the process of finishing my last in class semester of college and moving from Florida to Alexandria, VA which is right by Washington DC, so as much as i love it, shopping has taken a backseat to packing lol.

Memorial Day means excellent sales. Torrid and Hot Topic had their clearance an additional 50% off so i had to scope it out and found a few awesome things. I've been building my accessory collection lately since it is lacking so it's always good to find items on clearance.
From Hot Topic i bought these items (some are available online for the same price)
I love Hello Kitty and hair bows so this was a must buy at 3.99

I love crosses and crucifixes and such so i had to have this for 3.99

This necklace appealed to me too, i love bows and thought the spike was too cute 2.49

I also bought these clip-ins not sure which i bought at HT and Torrid but they were all on clearance

Now onto my purchases from Torrid.

I'm in heels A LOT for concerts and going out to events and sometimes i just need relief from my beautiful but killer heels. I sometimes carry flip flops from this occasion but when i saw these flats i knew i found an awesome alternative. They were 12.49 i think

they fold up and like this

and zip into a cute pouch to fit easily into your purse

and it also folds out into a bag to carry your killer heels or to wrap them in and stick in your purse. Either way i think these flats are perfect for their job. They had them in black too which i only wish they had my size in since they would go with most of my wardrobe but i figured red would come in handy too

The last item i picked up was Hello Kitty Rain boots, i don't know why i haven't bought any rain boots sooner, but living in Florida they come in handy, I'm sure I'll get to where them up in Virginia too. They were a steal at 10.49 at of all places Sears, I've honestly haven't shopped in their in many years, but after google searching for hello kitty rain boots i saw they did have them at one time so with time on my hands to avoid the bad weather i wandered in and sure enough there they were, and on clearance!

Hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day weekend! What were your finds of the weekend?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Estee Lauder Idealist Cooling Eye Illuminator Review

So i got a nice surprise in the mail from In Style Trendsetters and Estee Lauder to try out and give my honest opinion about.

This product is to help get rid of under eye circles. It has a ceramic tip you use to apply the product which gives you a nice cooling effect. It is supposed to work over time to make your under eye area lighter and less puffy. I do not get a lot of sleep and I have dark circles and puffiness even on my good days.

After using this product for the past two days i do like it a lot. I usually use a product like High Beam by Benefit under my eyes to help hide my sleep deprived eye circles. This has a similar color. The texture is great, after applied it feels like a silky powder (not sticky and doesn't smell weird like some products.)

It did help with my under eye circles by reducing them and the color helped hide what was left. I also am extremely fair skinned and it worked well with my NC15 skin tone. This is the Light-Medium shade.

Rubbed in

I will give this product 4 out of 5 stars.

The only reason for the one star reduction is this product is supposed to retail for $58.00 which is pretty damn expensive. If it does in fact work over time though it just might be worth it. I will of course let every one know the outcome in a few weeks.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Nail Polish Review- Sally Hansen HD

So after hearing the Sally Hansen HD Hi-Definition Nail Color was on clearance at CVS i had to go and see for myself (there's also many other great beauty items on clearance including my FAV light pink Essie French Affair) I also had $1 off 2 coupons so i really lucked out and got each of these nail polishes for .75 vs the retail of 6.99 and one thing i LOVE is a good deal.

I will say that all the colors with the exception of Pixel Pretty went on easily in two coats. For some reason that one was difficult both times I've applied it. (I wore it with the Silver OPI Shatter from the Pirates of the Caribbean line earlier this week, loved it!)

From Left(Pinky)to Right(Thumb)
Sally Hansen HD Hi-Res (I love this color, it's not quite pink, but not quite red)
Sally Hansen HD Cyber
Revlon Top Speed 730 Royal (one coat went on soooo easily)
Sally Hansen HD Pixel Pretty
Sally Hansen HD Digital (very pretty hot pink, much prettier in person)

The Revlon Royal was also on sale, you get 4 Reward Dollars. The retail was 4.99, I had a $1 off coupon as well so it was like getting it for free! I absolutely love this blue. It would look great with the OPI Black or Silver shatters

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lush product reviews!

I finally made a trip to LUSH. I have been wanting to try their products for awhile now and decided to splurge on a few products to try. The girl at the store was amazing and showed me how a ton of different products worked and gave me a few samples to try.

I wanted to try their lip sugar scrub, after smelling the scents i decided on sweet lips and boy did i pick a winner. It smells great! Chocolate yumminess! The product works well and is safe to lick off as well. I would buy it again

I also tried the rockstar soap and it smells great and is a pretty pink color that matches my bathroom, i would also purchase this product.

I did not like the ice blue soap. The smell just wasn't for me, the not quite peppermint smelled like foot lotion, not something i would want on my whole body.

Another favorite out of this lot is the massage bar in Soft Coeur- The Honeymooner, it smells delicious and also happens to be edible! It has real chocolate in it and is great for a special night with someone special, or if you just want soft yummy smelling skin.

I also tried a bath bomb, IT MADE MY BATH GLITTERY! If you know me, you know that was an epic moment. It was the Fairy Jasmine bomb and it rocked my world.
Last but not least is a bubble bar in Creamy Candy, I did love the smell, but it didn't bubble nearly enough for my liking. It did leave my skin nice and soft though. I would probably buy a bath melt to try next time.

Overall I do like their products and definitely will be back. I want to try their oatmeal face mask and a few other products that i will definitely review here as well.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


So this is the first blog post for my new blog. This blog will be all about fashion, makeup and beauty products, and other lifestyle related products that i absolutely love. There are a lot of beauty and fashion bloggers, but very few cater to an alternative style. I'm a rock n roll junkie with a strong sense of fashion who believes you can be original, and rock and still not be a fashion victim. I will review products, show you the awesome pieces i find, and the bargains i couldn't resist along with many other things like cutting up t-shirts, and how to create some fabulous rocker looks.