Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lush product reviews!

I finally made a trip to LUSH. I have been wanting to try their products for awhile now and decided to splurge on a few products to try. The girl at the store was amazing and showed me how a ton of different products worked and gave me a few samples to try.

I wanted to try their lip sugar scrub, after smelling the scents i decided on sweet lips and boy did i pick a winner. It smells great! Chocolate yumminess! The product works well and is safe to lick off as well. I would buy it again

I also tried the rockstar soap and it smells great and is a pretty pink color that matches my bathroom, i would also purchase this product.

I did not like the ice blue soap. The smell just wasn't for me, the not quite peppermint smelled like foot lotion, not something i would want on my whole body.

Another favorite out of this lot is the massage bar in Soft Coeur- The Honeymooner, it smells delicious and also happens to be edible! It has real chocolate in it and is great for a special night with someone special, or if you just want soft yummy smelling skin.

I also tried a bath bomb, IT MADE MY BATH GLITTERY! If you know me, you know that was an epic moment. It was the Fairy Jasmine bomb and it rocked my world.
Last but not least is a bubble bar in Creamy Candy, I did love the smell, but it didn't bubble nearly enough for my liking. It did leave my skin nice and soft though. I would probably buy a bath melt to try next time.

Overall I do like their products and definitely will be back. I want to try their oatmeal face mask and a few other products that i will definitely review here as well.

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