Saturday, May 28, 2011

Nail Polish Review- Sally Hansen HD

So after hearing the Sally Hansen HD Hi-Definition Nail Color was on clearance at CVS i had to go and see for myself (there's also many other great beauty items on clearance including my FAV light pink Essie French Affair) I also had $1 off 2 coupons so i really lucked out and got each of these nail polishes for .75 vs the retail of 6.99 and one thing i LOVE is a good deal.

I will say that all the colors with the exception of Pixel Pretty went on easily in two coats. For some reason that one was difficult both times I've applied it. (I wore it with the Silver OPI Shatter from the Pirates of the Caribbean line earlier this week, loved it!)

From Left(Pinky)to Right(Thumb)
Sally Hansen HD Hi-Res (I love this color, it's not quite pink, but not quite red)
Sally Hansen HD Cyber
Revlon Top Speed 730 Royal (one coat went on soooo easily)
Sally Hansen HD Pixel Pretty
Sally Hansen HD Digital (very pretty hot pink, much prettier in person)

The Revlon Royal was also on sale, you get 4 Reward Dollars. The retail was 4.99, I had a $1 off coupon as well so it was like getting it for free! I absolutely love this blue. It would look great with the OPI Black or Silver shatters

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  1. Sally Hansen HD Hi-Res is pretty much the only color I wear on my toes. I've always got it on. I love it!