Friday, July 1, 2011

Moving is a PAIN!

So I've been beyond busy lately. I have had to pack and move the furniture I'm keeping and drive it to my parents house then flew back to Orlando. Made a trip to VA with a car full of my stuff. Then am having to repaint, tile, clean, and pack the rest of my stuff by the 5th. The 6th I work a huge Zumba Convention(13+ hour days!) til the 10th then i am out of Florida for good. This has been a long time coming and I'm very excited, happy, and nervous. The only thing I am dreading is my microscopic closet! I'm serious. I've never had a closet this small in my ENTIRE life. Also it does not have a good closet organizer which I pretty much have always been able to put in since I've always lived somewhere that was owned not rented. I have been looking for solutions and have come up with some that i can't wait to try out. Anyone else been in the same boat? What have you guys done to better organize a TINY closet. I will have a TON of posts coming up in the middle of July (looks like two giveaways if things go as planned) But until then i probably will not be able to post but wanted you guys to know why :) Moving is not my friend!

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