Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Resolutions

So I'm a little far behind in my posts this month. The holidays have taken a major toll on my productivity. These things have inspired me to write this post.

My New Year's Resolutions

1. Make more time for the fun things in life. Since I have moved to Virginia and gotten a "real" job some of my passions have been come to a complete stop.

This being said that brings me to

2. Make it out to more concerts and shows. I usually went to at least 1 a week in Florida so I'm going to say I want to make it to at least 50 shows in 2013. I will post about my concert conquests on my other blog. If you care to follow my music and musician related ramblings it is http://amandasixx.blogspot.com  I have been absent from there for far too long but other than some killer pictures and set lists, Virginia hasn't given me much to write about.

3. Get back into interviewing bands and promoting up and coming artists. Growing up this was a huge part of my life. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know bands from a different perspective, even though sometimes it could come with huge let downs. I firmly believe 10 years from now my career will be more in this direction anyways :)

4. Get healthy. Most people want to lose weight and all power to them. Since living here I have been tired all too often, which kept me from going to shows and otherwise doing a lot of things. I have gained a little weight, but mostly i'm not in the same shape I used to be. That will change. I will also go back to my Florida eating habits. Since living up here I haven't been eating the right foods, often because I have "no time" to cook. Well this year I'll make the time. My goal is to start working out at least 3 days a week on my elliptical and work my way up to 5 days a week and also doing strength training.

5. Focus on what will make me happier. For me right now that means paying off my student loan since that is the main thing hindering me from packing up and moving out west. I have quite a few options too look at in the job arena and need to check them out.

6. Read more books, I used to read a lot but since I've moved here I haven't made time for this either. By the end of 2013 I want to have read 13 books.

7. Blog more often!

What are your resolutions?

Hope everyone has a fabulous New Years!