Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Sugarpill Eyeshadow palette, Sparkle baby and Cold Chemistry rock my world!

There are very few cosmetics items that get me super excited as easily as Sugarpill eyeshadow palettes do. I have all the other previous palettes and have loved them over the last year or so. I always love doings fun colorful looks for all the concerts I go to and Sugarpill has provided many of those. I find their shadows have more staying power that pretty much anything else out there (though I do love the makeup forever artist shadows, and use both together often)

So a little about each palette starting with Sparkle baby. This is a cute lighter palette with a hot pink (hotsy totsy) exception  (I love using pinks, they really make green eyes pop). I absolutely love Kitten parade as well it's a peachy pink, that isn't' too warm for us cool toned ladies. The lighter colors are really great for blending and highlighting other looks as well. The pigmentation on the lighter colors is not as good as I find most of the other Sugarpill palettes to be.

Under bright light

Under normal light

Cold Chemistry has been on my wish list for quite some time. I tend to do 2 looks, Smokey darker eyes, or bright fun eyes. Cold chemistry has all the darks I use most. A beautiful purple (Elemental Chaos) a great shimmery grey/black (Soots & Stars) and one of the best shades for highlighting (Diamond Eyes). The green (Subterranean) is gorgeous as well, but I do not use a lot of greens typically. This is probably my new favorite palette. SUPER pigmented and absolutely perfect for a variety of looks. This one gets my vote of approval and would be the first palette I'd recommend someone new to Sugarpill to try.