Friday, April 3, 2015

Holy Tony Moly! Review

So I recently purchased a few Tony Moly items at Sephora. I could not resist the adorable packaging alone(I know I know I work in marketing so I should know better but good packaging definitely helps sell me on a product, am I wrong dolls?) Unfortunately there are a few additional items that I wanted to get like the eye calming stick that’s packed up like a panda, I mean come on how freaking cute is that?!

What I did get my hands on was the Tony Moly Bbo Bbo Lip balm in both the Honey and the Blueberry (pink lips and the red lips containers). At $9 I didn’t think the price was terrible since I use a lot of Fresh lip products and those are pretty expensive. This stuff is absolutely awesome. I have super easy to chap lips and have to really take care of them or they look and feel terrible. This stuff works. I didn’t find either to be the better of the two, they both did the job. If my lips were chapped I put it on at night and woke up to smooth lips. I didn’t have to keep using it constantly like chapstick though its texture and scent make me want to use it more. I find it to be better than my Fresh products that I spend 2x more on so you can bet I will purchase these lip balms again.

I also purchased the Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Moist Mist but haven’t used it enough to say it’s the best thing out there. The few times I have used it I have liked it. It feels nice and not sticky and does make my skin feel good. I think I will love this especially in the summer when I’m working outdoor events and also when I travel for all the amazing road trips I have set up. It’s definitely the cutest packaging for a facial mist I have ever seen.
All of these products were purchased at Sephora if you guys are interested in trying them yourself!


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