Thursday, October 15, 2015

Sometimes Life Hands You Lemons (blog update)

Since around April of this year I have been going nonstop trying to get things to fall into place in my career. This is why my blog has been so neglected. I have been struggling with some major decisions, coupled with many family medical issues, a demanding job, my freelance work on the side to make up for said demanding job not going they way it should have, and school. I decided late this summer to go for my real estate license and to go into real estate. I can say today that I finished my classes and there's finally an end in sight. That said I have a lot of catching up to do! I will have beauty product reviews, shopping hauls (including the story on how I finally got my Valentino Rockstud purse for 80% off, beauty and fashion deals, band interview/spotlights, and much much more! Thanks to all the new followers and to all the ones that have stuck it out through my hiatus!


  1. Well done you. Make sure you celebrate and then get on it! Looking forward to seeing what you've got coming up.

  2. Props to you! We all have to let our blogs take a back seat! X

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